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MIHT ANNOUNCEMENTS - Updated 7/16/2018

The final Meal Plan has been published!  Check it out:

We are a little less then two weeks from our departure to Mackinac Island!! Are you getting prepared?

Below is a comprehensive list of hints, tips, and reminders to help you prepare for the trip:

1. There have been some questions about the proper placement of the new Honor Guard patch.  This patch goes on the RIGHT sleeve below all other patches.  It will be the lowest patch on the sleeve just above the arm cuff on a short sleeve shirt.  Click and download the illustrations below for reference.

2. Cell phones or internet connected devices are strictly forbidden from use or being in your possession while on Mackinac Island.  Possession or use will result in immediate termination from the Troop.

3. After Wednesday, July 18th, all outstanding medical forms must be hand delivered to Dr. Paul Denean when you arrive in Mackinaw City.  Prior to July 18th, you may scan your medical form an email it to

4. If you are bringing medications with you, you must hand deliver them to Dr. Paul Denean when you arrive in Mack City.  All meds must be in a zip lock bag with your name on it.

5. You must advise Rollin Stocker of your travel plans to and from Mack City.  He may be contacted at (586) 382-2626.

6. The Troop needs drivers! Do your parents have extra seats in their vehicle for a Scout to hitch a ride to and/or from Mack City?  If so, please contact Mr. Stocker at (586) 382-2626.

7. Remember to bring your Troop 168 Scout hat! New Scouts will receive their hat in Mack City at no cost.  Lost hats for Scouts from prior years can be replaced at a cost of $25.00 or sorting one day's accumulation of trash at the barracks.

8. Review your Equipment List and ensure you are properly prepared for your week on the Island.  A copy of the Equipment List is located on the "Forms" section of the Troop's website:

9. All Scouts will receive their neckerchief, name tag, Troop 168 hat (new scouts), Mackinac patch and patch holder when they arrive in Mack City.  

10. Remember to have your neckerchief slide in your pocket when you arrive in Mack City!  Don't put your slide in your luggage!! You will not be able to retrieve it once your luggage is loaded in the trailer or placed on the ferry carts in Mack City.  Keep an extra slide in your pocket just in case you lose yours. 

11. Please remember to have your rain poncho in your scout shorts pocket when you arrive in Mack City.  

12. Remember to wear GREEN epaulets on your uniform. 

13. As in the past few years, we will be wearing the new all GREEN long calf-length Scout socks.  Be sure to bring the long calf-length socks with you.

14. If you are leaving with the Troop from Marysville on Saturday, July 28, 2018, plan your arrival at Gaws Gourmet Foods (located behind 1305 Gratiot Blvd, Marysville, MI 48040 (across the street from Thuet Building Products) no later than 4:00 AM to get your gear loaded into the trailer.  We will be leaving Marysville promptly at 5:00 AM.  

15. You may stop for a quick breakfast at the West Branch McDonalds.

16. The Troop will meet in Mackinaw City around 10:00-10:30 at the Star Line Dock #2 located at 711 S. Huron Ave in Mackinaw City.  The location is immediately north of the Ramada Inn.  Prior to 12:00 noon, the Troop will march to the Star Line Ferry dock located at 801 S. Huron St. and board the ferry for Mackinac Island.   

17. Bring a lunch with you to Mack City!  We will not be eating again until 7:00 pm on Saturday.

18. Ferries will be running every 15-30 minutes on the morning we arrive in Mack City.  Depending on the timing of the departing Troop from Mack Island, Troop 168 will LIKELY take the noon Star Line ferry from Mack City to Mack Island.  

20. DO NOT USE plastic bags to carry clothes, pillows, or sleeping bags!! They are too light for the windy ferry trip over to the Island and will likely end up at the bottom of the Mackinac Straights.

21. If you plan on riding a bike on Tuesday night you MUST bring a bike helmet with you!

22. Merit Badge offerings will be listed on the whiteboard in the Scout Barracks.  It's your responsibility to plan and make arrangements to participate.

Questions? Call Mr Seibert at 810-765-2892

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Mackinac Island Honor Troop 168 is based out of Port Huron, Michigan andserves as Governor’s Honor Guard and Fort Mackinac Guides for a weekeach summer. Founded in 1981, the Troop has allowed more than 1,500 BoyScouts from Michigan to experience the thrill of accomplishment andcommunity service while serving at the Mackinac Island Scout ServiceCamp.

  • To serve the State of Michigan, the Governor, the community of Mackinac Island, and the Island’s tourists and visitors.
  • To uphold the highest Duty, Respect, and Honor of the Troop.
  • To have the highest standards of appearance, conduct, and performance of duty.
  • To treat the Scout Barracks as our house and the Island our home; we will take care of all as we would our own.
  • To mature and have fun.

The scouting program’s mission is to prepare young people to makeethical and moral decisions over their lifetimes by instilling in themthe values of the Scout Oath and Law. Many young men learn the value ofleadership and service as members of Mackinac Island Honor Troop #168.Our troop has it’s own saying, “Duty, Respect, and Honor”, representingour duty to Mackinac Island State Park, respect towards our country, andthe honor that comes with being the Governor’s Honor Guard.


Boy Scouts began serving as the “Governor’s Honor Guard” on Mackinac Island 80 years ago. In 1929, the Vice Chairman of the Mackinac Island State Park Commission obtained approval authorizing the appointment of eight Eagle Scouts as the first honor guard in Fort Mackinac. Future president Gerald Ford was a member of this inaugural group of Scouts. Joining him were fellow Eagles from across the state, including Joe McIntosh from Port Huron.

Scout barracks on Mackinac Island.

When the first group of Scouts reached Mackinac Island, they stayed in the Fort Mackinac Barracks. In 1934, as a Civilian Conservation Corps project, Scout Barracks were built just outside the fort walls. In 1974, the program was expanded to include Girl Scouts. Port Huron area boys began serving on the island starting in 1981.

Duties on the island include raising and lowering flags each day, serving downtown and in Fort Mackinac as guides, and doing a variety of service projects to better Mackinac Island State Park. Lodging is at the Scout Barracks located behind Fort Mackinac. However, it is not all work and no play. Scouts keep themselves occupied by playing games and working on merit badges at the barracks or exploring what the island has to offer. There is always something to do on Mackinac Island!

Scouts Returning from Flag Duty


Mackinac Island is located in Lake Huron on the eastern end of the Straits of Mackinac between, Michigan’s pristine Upper and Lower Peninsulas. Mackinac Island is a popular tourist attraction and summer colony. Much of the island has undergone extensive historical preservation and restoration; as a result, the entire island is listed as a National Historic Landmark. It is well known for its numerous cultural events; its wide variety of architectural styles, including the famous Victorian Grand Hotel; fine dining; downtown pubs and entertainment; sightseeing; hiking; horse and carriage transportation; and its ban on motor vehicles. More than 80 percent of the island is preserved as Mackinac Island State Park which includes historic Fort Mackinac and Fort Holmes. For more information, visit

Marquette park and the Straits of Mackinac seen from the fort.


The Boy Scouts of America is one of the nation’s largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations. The BSA provides a program for young people that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness.

Locally, the Michigan Crossroads Council serves scouts in lower Michigan. Troop 168 is located within in the Blue Water District of the Water and Woods Field Service Council. For information on the scouting program in Michigan, visit

For over a century, the BSA has helped build the future leaders of this country by combining educational activities and lifelong values with fun. The Boy Scouts of America believes — and, through over a century of experience, knows — that helping youth is a key to building a more conscientious, responsible, and productive society.