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Pack News 2013-2014

Pack 628 has kicked-off the new 2013-2014 school year! 

Our Cub Scout Summer Camp at Magness

 Den 7 Summer 2009 at Magness

Lizard Head campsite


Throwing tomahawk hatchets at logs


Climbing at the obstacle course

Paintball slingshots at targets in the woods


Obstacle course

Hiking down a country road to the next activity area


Rock climbing on the nature trail hike.


Some nature lessons along the way, talking about some native plants and cactus and the fruit on it.


At the top of the rocks above the camp.


Compass course and Land navigation training


Building a catapult

Lash it together and erect the catapult - teamwork


Above the lake


Some of the guys over at Peaceful Valley Boy Scout camp for the Webelos orientation.