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Merit Badge Prerequisites

While the primary focus of the Scouts while on Mackinac Island is service, the Scoutmaster team and volunteer parents do offer Scouts opportunities to earn merit badges.  The types of merit badges can vary from year to year depending on the Scoutmasters and adults in attendance.    

Each day, contact information will be written on the whiteboard in the Scout Barracks for the Scout to reference in making contact with the Merit Badge counselor.    As with his home troop, the Scout is responsible for taking the initiative to make contact with the counselor and then to work on the merit badge(s) in their available time.   Some merit badges require pre-work, or contact with the counselor before leaving for Mackinac.   

It is recommended that the Scout print out the worksheets for the Merit badge before coming to Mackinac, and complete any pre-requisites or written work.

Here is the link to the Merit Badge Worksheets:

Merit Badge Opportunities

Please contact the Merit Badge counselor if you have questions.   

       a. Wood Carving – Paul Denean 810-765-5722  

       b. Citizenship in the World, Nation, or Community – Chip Fitzgerald 810-488-1368 or Matt Hoxie 586-362-1102  

       c. Cooking – Matt Hoxie 586-362-1102 or Chip Fitzgerald 810-488-1368  See the Cooking MB Power Point attachment shown below!

       d. Model Design, Weather, American Labor, Aviation, Communications, American Heritage, Scouting Heritage – Ken Fountain 586-850-9173  

       e. Electricity, American Labor, Auto Maintenance, Family Life, Safety, Pets, Collecting – Mr Rutkofski 810-304-3122  

       f.  Personal Fitness, Sports, Hiking, American Heritage, Athletics – See Mr. Seibert on Mack Island.  

       g. American Heritage – Rollin Stocker 586-382-2626

       h. Collections, Genealogy, Chess - Matt Hoxsie (586)362-1102

       i. Island Music Appreciation - See Mr. Fitzgerald on Mack Island.  The prerequisites for this MB is to (1) make a Parrot Head hat that is of your own original design, (2) have a colorful Hawaiian shirt, (3) converse fluently with a Caribbean island accent.   

Please contact us if you have questions! 

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Cooking MB Power Point.pdf  
MB - Citizenship IC Syllabus (MIST 168).pdf  
MB - Citizenship IN Syllabus (MIST 168).pdf  
MB - Citizenship IW Syllabus (MIST 168).pdf