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MIHT Troop 168 Forms

Please use the forms below for this year's trip:

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2022 Announcement Letter.pdf  
2022 Application for Service.pdf  
2022 Authorization for treatment and release.pdf  
2022 Breakfast Letter.pdf  
2022 Car Pool Information.pdf  
2022 Equipment List.pdf  
2022 Important Information.pdf  
2022 Statement of Understanding and Code of Conduct.pdf  
2022 Welcome Letter.pdf  

2022 MCC Medical Documents and Waivers.

Please see the attached forms that will be needed for the 2022 year at Mackinac Island.

These forms are required by the Michigan Crossroads Council (MCC) for any indoor Scouting activities, including Mackinac.  Additional information on MCC policies can be found at:

Our ultimate goal is to get the Scouts back to Mackinac Island and adhering to the MCC Health & Safety guidelines will help us to do that.

Please complete these forms as soon as possible, and return to our Troop Medic, ASM Jerry Matese, by the February meeting.

We encourage Scouts to make copies of these forms for use for other Scout Camps and Activities, outside of Mackinac.

In addition, all of these forms are fillable PDFs.   Please fill these out via your computer and then print them out where possible.

Waivers of Liability
  • All Youth are to complete the Youth Waiver.
  • All Adults are to complete the Adult Waiver.
Medical Forms
  • All Scouts are to complete their Medical Forms, Parts A and B.   (Part C is due before departing to the Island.)
    • If a Scout is considered to be in a vulnerable class, Part C of the Medical form is due by the February meeting along with the additional Supplemental Medical Permission Form.
  • All Adults (under 60 years old) are to complete their Medical Forms, Parts A and B.  (Part C is due before departing to the Island.)
  • All Adults (60+ years old or in a vulnerable class) - Need to complete Part C by the February meeting and also complete and turn in the Supplemental Form.

We appreciate your patience and flexibility during this time.  If you have any questions, please contact ASM Jerry Matese at (810)397-7484
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2022 5-Steps-to-Restarting-Scouting-One-Pager.pdf  
2022 Adult-Waiver.pdf  
2022 Medical form Part A B C.pdf  
2022 Program Re-Entry Requirements.pdf  
2022 Restarting Scouting Guidance Documents.pdf  
2022 Supplemental Form.pdf  
2022 Youth Waiver.pdf  

Red Jacket Order Form

Below is a copy of the form, if you would like to order a red jacket.  Orders must be in by April to Mr. or Mrs. Fountain.  (We thank Mr. and Mrs. Fountain for volunteering to organize this as a service for the troop.)

Cost is $30 ($34 for a 2XL)

Please make checks payable to Lisa Fountain

Questions call 810-841-5472

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MIHT Troop 168 Red Jacket.pdf