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Daisy Petal requirements and Journey

Icon File Name Comment  
1. Lupe - honest and fair.doc  
10. Vi - be a sister to every Girl Scout.doc  
2. Sunny - friendly and helpful.doc  
3. Zinni - considerate and caring.doc  
4. Tula - courageous and strong.doc  
5 4 3 part 1 Welcome.doc  
5 4 3 part 2 A Little Birdie Told Me.doc  
5 4 3 part 3 Bienvendo a Mexico.doc  
5 4 3 part 4 Dancing Through Japan.doc  
5 4 3 part 5 Rumbles and Roars.doc  
5 4 3 part 6 Home Sweet Home.doc  
5. Mari - responsible for what I say and do.doc  
6. Gloria - respect myself and others.doc  
7. Gerri - respect authority.doc  
8. Clover - use resources wisely.doc  
9. Rosie - make the world a better place.doc  
Between E & S part 1.doc  
Between E & S part 2.doc  
Between E & S part 3.doc  
Between E & S part 4.doc  
Between E & S part 5.doc  
Between E & S part 6.doc  
Daisy - Count it Up.doc  
Daisy - Handbook.doc  
Daisy - Making Choices.doc  
Daisy - Money Counts.doc  
Daisy - Talk it Up.doc  
part 1 Daisy Flower Garden.doc  
part 2 Daisy Flower Garden.doc  
part 3 Daisy Flower Garden.doc  
part 4 Daisy Flower Garden.doc  

Brownie Badges and Journeys

Icon File Name Comment  
Be Smart with Money.doc  
Brownie - Bugs.doc  
Brownie - Celebrating Community.doc  
Brownie - Fair Play.doc  
Brownie - First Aid.doc  
Brownie - Girl Scout Way.doc  
Brownie - Give Back.doc  
Brownie - Handbook.doc  
Brownie - Meet My Customers.doc  
Brownie - Money Manager.doc  
Brownie - Painting.doc  
Brownie - Philanthropist.doc  
Brownie - Snacks.doc  
Computer Expert.doc  
Display Day.doc  
Experiencing Disabilities.doc  
Experimenting with 5 Senses.doc  
Fitness is Fun.doc  
Food Drive Jumping Jack Athon.doc  
Girl Scout – One Act Play.doc  
Heart to Heart.doc  
Helping Our Environment RRR.doc  
Home Scientist.doc  
Household Elf.doc  
I Am Special.doc  
Making Air Work.doc  
Making Friends.doc  
Making Games.doc  
Making Healthy Food Choices.doc  
Managing Time.doc  
My Best Self.doc  
My Family Story.doc  
My Feelings.doc  
My Great Day.doc  
Nature Fun.doc  
Our Feathered Friends.doc  
Our Flag.doc  
Part 1 Love Water.doc  
part 1 Quest.doc  
part 2 Quest Three Keys.doc  
Part 2 Save Water.doc  
Part 3 Share Water.doc  
Part 4 WoW.doc  
Planning a Girl Scout Art Exhibit.doc  
Safe at Home.doc  
Super Seed Fun.doc  
Television Making a Choice.doc  
The Problem of Pollution.doc  
Weather Fun.doc  
WoG 3 Stories side.doc  
WoG Passport side.doc  

Junior Badges & Journeys (Jr awards under awards)

Icon File Name Comment  
Agent in Charge Power of Community.doc  
Agent in Charge Power of One.doc  
Agent in Charge Power of Team.doc  
aMUSE Act 1 with intro.doc  
aMUSE Act 2.doc  
aMUSE Act 3.doc  
Animal Habitats.doc  
Can Can Bots.doc  
Digital Photographer.doc  
Entertainment Technology.doc  
Fun with Energy Puzzles.doc  
Journey Power Award Tracker.doc  
Junior - Bronze Award.doc  
Junior - Business Owner.doc  
Junior - Cookie CEO.doc  
Junior - Cookie Insights.doc  
Junior - Drawing.doc  
Junior - First Aid.doc  
Junior - First Aid.doc  
Junior - Flowers.doc  
Junior - Girl Scout Way.doc  
Junior - Handbook.doc  
Junior - Inside Government.doc  
Junior - Practice with Purpose.doc  
Junior - Savvy Shopper.doc  
Junior - Simple Meals.doc  
Junior badge and award requirments.xlsx  
part 1 GM Energize.doc  
part 2 GM Investigate.doc  
part 3 GM Innovate.doc  
part 4 Energy Award Tracker.doc  
Playing the Past.doc  
Pollution Traps.doc  
Product Designer.doc  
Social Butterfly.doc  
Staying Fit.doc  
Watersheds and the Urban Rural Interface.doc  

Cadet Badge and Journeys (check under awards)

Icon File Name Comment  
Animal Helpers.doc  
Book Artist.doc  
Cadette - Budgeting.doc  
Cadette - Business Plan.doc  
Cadette - Comic Artist.doc  
Cadette - Comparison Shopping.doc  
Cadette - Financing My Dreams.doc  
Cadette - Finding Common Ground.doc  
Cadette - First Aid.doc  
Cadette - Girl Scout Way.doc  
Cadette - Good Sportsmanship.doc  
Cadette - Handbook.doc  
Cadette - Marketing.doc  
Cadette - New Cuisines.doc  
Cadette - Silver Award.doc  
Cadette - Think Big.doc  
Cadette - Trees.doc  
Digital Movie Maker.doc  
Eating for Beauty.doc  
Electricity crossword puzzle 1.xls  
Electricity crossword puzzle 2.xls  
Electricity readings with activities parts 1 - 4.doc  
Field Day.doc  
journey aMAZE intro.doc  
journey part 1 Interact Award.doc  
journey part 2 Peacemaker Award.doc  
journey part 3 Diplomat Award.doc  
Night Owl.doc  
PA LIT Report Form.pdf  
Public Speaker.doc  
Science of Happiness.doc  
Special Agent.doc  

Senior Badge & Journeys (check under awards)

Icon File Name Comment  
Business Etiquette.doc  
Car Care.doc  
Game Visionary.doc  
PA LIT Report Form.pdf  
part 1 Visionary Award.doc  
part 2 Visionary Award.doc  
part 3 Visionary Award.doc  
Room Makeover.doc  
Science of Style.doc  
Senior - Behind the Ballot.doc  
Senior - Buying Power.doc  
Senior - Collage.doc  
Senior - Cross-Training.doc  
Senior - Customer Loyalty.doc  
Senior - Financing My Future.doc  
Senior - First Aid.doc  
Senior - Girl Scout Way.doc  
Senior - Gold Award.doc  
Senior - Handbook.doc  
Senior - Locavore.doc  
Senior - My Portfolio.doc  
Senior - Sky.doc  
Senior badge and award requirments.xlsx  
Social Innovator.doc  
Textile Artist.doc  
Troupe Performer.doc  
Truth Seeker.doc  
Voice for Animals.doc  
Website Designer.doc  
Women's Health.doc  

Ambassador Badge & Journeys

Icon File Name Comment  
Ambassador - Coaching.doc  
Ambassador - Dinner Party.doc  
Ambassador - First Aid.doc  
Ambassador - Girl Scout Way.doc  
Ambassador - Good Credit.doc  
Ambassador - Handbook.doc  
Ambassador - On My Own.doc  
Ambassador - P & L.doc  
Ambassador - Photographer.doc  
Ambassador - Public Policy.doc  
Ambassador - Research & Development.doc  
Ambassador - Water.doc  
part 1 bliss live it!.doc  
part 1 Justice.doc  
part 1 Your Voice Your World.doc  
part 2 bliss give it!.doc  
part 2 bliss give it!.doc  
part 2 Justice.doc  
part 2 Your Voice Your World.doc